NIXI KILLICK (NXK) offers an innovative and contemporary hybrid, A mix of; unique and vibrant fashion-forward streetwear, for both the everyday easy care wardrobe and festive fashion occasions. Made in the highest quality to facilitate maximun comfort and fun into the fashion lifestyles of the contemporary digital native. 
Clothing to really LIVE in!
Balanced with sculptured technology infused wearable pieces for celebrity styling and creative projects, Articulating innovative alternative technologies with original artwork.
NXK is an independent, Melbourne-based fashion label with a strong commitment to unique products, ethical production and quality. We are establishing a global Colourtribe community. As future-positive maverick-hybrid, NXK works to connect creative communities and expand a growing global network. We are accelerating innovative ideas and refining a contemporary streetwear aesthetic to propel NXK into the next level as a colourful beacon in Australia and amongst the global fashion community.

Artist born Imagineer, Killick uses fashion to articulate a utopian freshness while drawing parallels between the possible and impossible. Fostering inspiration from her background growing up in the circus, performance and the arts, Killick embraces creative escapism and indulges in the bizarre.
With clients like Lady Gaga, SIA, Kimbra, Hiatus Kayote, Brainfeeder and collections hitting runways around the world, NXK is set to become a powerhouse in Australian fashion.

‘If its not in the future it doesn’t exist’.